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Ball Grid Array Pad definitions
Merix DFM Manual
Intel Packaging Data book
SMEMA Standards
Material Properties Database
Doug Brooks' PCB layout articles and utilities
Bogatin's Signal Integrity Articles
Dr Johnson's High Speed Articles
Microstrip Analysis/Synthesis Calculator
PCB Trace Width Calculator
Rogers Flex Analysis Program
Rogers Impedance Calculator


Online Interactive Tutorials:

Differential Impedance Calculator
Differential Pairs
Transmission Lines

RAMPinc's Library Resources
Polar's Impedance calc
UltraCad's Calculators
Hadco's Impedance Calc
Conversion program (download)


Gerber Viewers:

GC-Prevue    http://www.graphicode.com
Viewmate     http://www.lavenir.com
CamCAD       http://www.camcad.com
CAM350      http://www.ecam.com
CAMCAD      http://www.rsi-inc.com
Valor Universal Viewer    http://www.valor.com 


Other viewers:

 VOLOVIEW EXPRESS ftp.autocad.com (15MB download)
Allegro Viewer

Roll Tap Drill Sizes Spreadsheet (MS Excel 2000) or HTML Page





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The engineer said, "Why can't these guys play at night?"












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