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  PCB Design Industry Related Books


Bare Board PWB Design Manual - (Check used book sellers at Barnes and Noble)

Author:  Norman S. Einarson

Published: Printed Circuit Technology, 1997

                P.O. Box 334

                Burlington, MA 01803

                Tel: (781)438-0064 


Drafting for Electronics - Lamit/Lloyd Macmillan Publishing 1993 - ISBN 0-02-367342-7

The Design and Drafting of Printed Circuits - Lindsey - Bishop Graphics/McGraw Hill 1982 - ISBN 0-07-037844-4

Electronics Drafting and Design - Raskhodoff - Prentice-Hall 1997 - ISBN 0-13-250613-0

Electronics Drafting- Frostad - Goodheart-Wilcox Co - 1992 - ISBN 0-87006-911-X

Electronics Drafting and Printed Circuit Board Design - Kirkpatrick - Delmar Publishers 1989 - ISBN 0-8273-3285-8

Printed Circuits Design - Ginsberg - McGraw-Hill 1991 - ISBN 0-07-023309-8

Structural Analysis of Printed Circuit Board Systems - Peter A. Engel - Springer-Verlag 1993 - ISBN 0387979395
Printed Circuit Board Design Using AutoCAD
Printed Circuit Board Design Techniques for EMC Compliance
Printed Circuit Board Design Techniques for EMC Compliance, 2nd Edition
Cost Engineering in Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing
High Performance Printed Circuit Boards
Printed Board Basics: An Introduction to the PCB Industry



Here are some other good books on the PCB Design subject...

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Printed Circuit Design Books

bulletHandbook of Electronics Packaging Design and Engineering by Bernard S. Matisoff
bulletSurface-Mount Technology for PC Board Design by James K. Hollomon, Jr.
bulletHandbook of Electronics Manufacturing Engineering by Bernard S. Matisoff
bulletModern Solder Technology for Competitive Electronics Manufacturing by Jennie S. Hwang
bulletPrinted Circuits Handbook by Clyde F. Coombs
bulletElectronic Materials & Processes Handbook by Charles A. Harper and Ronald M. Sampson
bulletSoldering Handbook for Printed circuits and Surface Mounting by Howard H. Manko
bulletSolders and Soldering by Howard H. Manko
bulletA Scientific Guide to Surface Mount Technology by C. Lea
bulletManufacturing Techniques for Surface Mounted Assemblies by R. J. Wassink and M. M. F. Verguld
bulletSurface Mounted Assemblies by J. F. Pawling
bulletGreen Electronics / Green Bottom Line by Lee H. Goldberg
bulletHigh Speed Digital Design: A Handbook of Black Magic by Howard W., Ph.D. Johnson, Martin, Ph.D. Graham 
bulletPrinted Circuit Board Design Techniques for Emc Compliance by Mark I. Montrose 
bulletFields and Waves in Communication Electronics by Simon Ramo, John R. Whinnery, Theodore Van Duzer 
bulletHandbook of Microwave Integrated Circuits by Reinmut K. Hoffmann 
bulletElectrical Engineering for the Non-Degreed Engineer  by Doug Brooks
bulletBorders.Com Books Stores - Printed Circuit Design
bulletBuy.Com - Printed Circuits
bullet Vibration Analysis For Electronic Equipment by Dave S. Steinberg, published by John Wiley & Sons Inc.
bullet Cooling Techniques for Electronic Equipment, 2nd Edition By David S. Steinburg








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